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Haunted Ghost Tour & Whiskey Tasting!

6 Event Dates!
6 Haunted Locations!

With each ticket, you get a Halloween gift bag complete with  prizes and candy, a Glencairn glass, a glow in the dark necklace, 6 haunted tales of New Hope by lantern-light, 5 tastes of whiskey, and 1 creepy cocktail in a jack o' lantern! Don't miss out- Tickets are going fast! 

Join us for a haunted ghost tour and whiskey tasting!

For those that are not yet aware, the streets of New Hope are notoriously haunted - quite possibly the most haunted town in America!

Located along the scenic Delaware River, New Hope has history dating back to before the Revolutionary war. The town's history and that of American whiskey in Pennsylvania parallel in many ways. Let’s discover where their stories cross. Each whiskey is thoughtfully paired with each of the six haunted sites on the tour. (Each pairing will involve what may have been historically accurate or what may have been available at the local tavern when each spirit lived and walked these very streets...)

Perhaps the thirsty specters of New Hope will join us for a sip...

-The Dram Devotees of Bucks County

Address- Starting Point

Villa Vito's- Back Patio
26 W Bridge St A,
New Hope, PA 18938

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